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6. About the company

Oxygen is a Polish joint-stock company operating in the gaming sector and listed on the NewConnect stock exchange. Together with Mousetrap Games, HyperCat, and, since July 2022, also Block Dog, form Oxygen Capital Group. They focus on the production and publishing activities in the mobile games market, with particular emphasis on mid-core, casual, and hyper-casual titles. The companies from the capital group cooperate with important entities from the game dev industry, such as Voodoo, Daedalic Entertainment, and Ketchapp (Ubisoft). For over a year, Oxygen has also been cooperating with other entities on games based on WEB 3.0 technologies. As a result, they gathered a lot of valuable knowledge and experience about cryptocurrencies and NFT. As a group of companies Oxygen SA is working on the game being created based on NFT Fast Society. In 2020, Oxygen Group released 15, and in 2021 - 17 titles targeting different types of players. This year, the company plans to release as many as 20 titles to the market in total. Mousetrap Games a subsidiary of Oxygen SA is also the second company in the world to win Pocket Gamer’s The Big Indie Pitch twice.
Best performance titles:
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IronEd (Edward Mężyk) - CEO of Oxygen Capital Group. Responsible for strategy and business development. Active entrepreneur for more than a decade. Expert in digital technologies, especially in gaming, data warehousing and analysis, and Big Data broadly. Crossfitter, ex-pro-swimmer, and lifesaver. He was the vice-champion of the world in water rescue. Spends his free time on sports.
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