Fast Society

4. Fast Society Game

We create a mobile card game. Why a mobile game? The mobile market is the biggest of all gaming markets. And we want to get as many web2 players into the game as we can because the player base should be as big as possible, not only limited to web3 gamers. The game will be available on Google Play and Appstore, so you don’t need to hold NFT to play it. NFT owners will get an opportunity to play and earn by connecting their NFTs via the game backend. The owners of our tokens who enter the game with their own car will be able to earn thanks to the game and will have more opportunities than people without NFT (but without affecting the balance in the game, from the perspective of web2 players), and a chance to participate in revenue share from the game.
More mobile players in the game = more opportunities for NFT holders to earn out of it.
We call our upcoming mobile game Play AND Earn and Play to Own, not Play to Earn because we don’t want the main, and, I can say, the only goal of this game to be earning because we associate it with a poor production made only for making money. And we want to give all players real quality and great satisfaction & joy in the game – as we are used to doing with our games. Mousetrap Games already has over 50 games released, and they really know what they are doing. That’s why our P&E game will be refined in every way so that every player, regardless of whether they have our NFT or not, can play it and enjoy it.