Fast Society

2. Story

Welcome to Westride.
It's different than you thought, hmm? Well, everything that this city was famous for, is now forgotten. The huge AutoCorp factory, where most of the residents had worked, collapsed more than 20 years ago. People moved out, took their families with them, and left their houses here. Westride has become a ghost town.
And we… just needed some peace. We've spent half our lives working as engineers, artists, designers, and drivers, but we're actually really petrolheads. Finally, we can give up this boredom and devote ourselves to our passion - cars. This is our factory now. Our city. Our place. In a moment, sparks will be flying from the production line, because our heads are bursting with ideas.
The first draft was given to us by Dave. Old punk rocker, he comes from the neighborhood. He toiled as a chief builder in big Buggavi factories. He would never call anything sub-V8 a car, so we're starting with the most classic type - Muscle Cars.
The first batch has already been approved.
8888 unique items. We believe that every car has its own soul, so you won't find two identical models, I can swear it. If you are still wondering if you want to be the proud owner of one of our wagons, I’m telling you: YES, YOU DO. Relax, getting it is not difficult. And you are cool, you will fit into our group. As for me, you are already part of Fast Society.
Stay in Westride and collect your unique wheels - that's all. But, you know… you can't leave this city. However, we guarantee that you will have fun here. It’s full of motorheads. You'll be able to meet them on the streets of Westride and spend your nights drinking beer and discussing rims. We also have a night market - you can drop by to sell the car you're bored with. Or buy a new one.
Oh, wait. It’s possible that you drive out of town in a car. Just not the one from Westride. We're having a raffle, where one person (I think it might be you) will win the keys to an epic - and REAL - Red Mach1 69' Mustang with a legend behind it.
You can see for yourself - it's a special place. In Westride, we feel free. We can be ardent. We can be sassy. We can be tenacious. And… we can be ourselves. And we're really glad you're here. This is a great place for people like you. Make yourself at home. In fact - you're at home. This is your community. Your Fast Society.