Fast Society

Cards examples I

Speed affinity
Boost - speed up by 15 MPH. Low revs - speed up by 20 MPH, lose 10 Durability. Speed ramp - set a speed pad in front of your car that speeds passing car by 30 MPH - other players also can use this ramp. Oil spill - spills oil around the car - players on the oil can’t make any turns. Air draft - if you are right behind your opponent increase mana regen by 100%. Hit me - Put a “shield” (more like a target) behind your car - if you get hit by a weapon or car you get a 15 MPH boost. The shield doesn't prevent damage though.
Attack affinity
Minigun - shoots in front of the car, reducing hit target durability by 10. Spikes - leaves spikes behind your car - passing car loses 20 MPH. Distant Molotov - someone from the building throws Molotov in front of a car in the first place. The fire stays for X seconds and deals 15 d