Fast Society


The most important thing is to sustain an active market and prevent inflation. To do this, we are creating a system based on NFT car upgrades that give players more than one way to earn money. We predict a couple of types of players: > Buy new NFT, buy soft currency, and/or play races, and then sell upgraded NFT for a higher price. > Buy NFT, play races, and/or buy soft currency on the market to speed up the upgrading process so they can go on expeditions to earn lottery tickets and hard currency. > Buy NFT, play races - their main goal is to advance in raking to earn soft currency and sell it on the market and breed NFT.
Type 1 provides SC and NFT for the market that is bought by types 2 and 3. Type 3 supports a better start for the type 1 and type 2 engine ticket market.
The goal of this Game Design Document is to make systems that support all types of earning money.