Fast Society

Cards examples II

Maneuver affinity
Change lanes to the right one. Change lanes to the left one. Change lanes to the same as your opponent. Bubble - bubble shield preventing any dmg for X seconds. Grappling hook - shoots grappling hook in front of the car - hitting another car cause you to get right behind them. Get 50 mana.
Tank affinity
Trample - change lanes to your opponents - if cars bump into each other both cars lose 20 Durability (instead of 10). Quick repair - Get 20 Durability. Motorcycle gang - surround the opponent with a motorcycle gang. It reduces their speed by 20 MPH and prevents any speed boosts. Changing lanes get rid of the gang but deals 10 DMG. Hard Break - Lose 30 MPH, if an opponent hits your back, they lose 30 Durability.