Fast Society

5. Tokenomics

We create a game based on our collection. It will be an engaging adventure in the play and earn model with revenue share for the NFT Holders. Yes, play AND earn, instead of play to earn - this is because we want the game to be real entertainment and not only for earning money. However, earning money will also be an important part of the game.
Every NFT connected to the game will passively generate hard currency (in-game, non-crypto currency). NFT holders will be able to sell HC back to us - the price of hard currency will be depended on revenue generated by the game. This is how holders will benefit from non-NFT players. Alternatively, hard currency can be used to boost one's performance within the game.
Our innovative, cross-chain project includes a mobile game with NFT. Due to the high advancement of the project, we will present the details of the tokenomy by the end of October 2022.