Fast Society

1. Fast Society Overview

What is Fast Society?
Fast Society is an extraordinary cross-chain project based on Cardano and Solana, which includes a collection of 8 888 (half on ADA and half on SOL) NFT Muscle cars + a lottery in which holders of our tokens can win a real Red Mach1 Mustang from 1969 + a mobile game in the Play & Earn model based on revenue share for NFT holders and created in cooperation with the experienced gamedev studio, Mousetrap Games. For us, Fast Society is a project created out of a passion - for art and for cars. In a space full of beautiful characters staring at us from the profile pictures, it's time to stop just looking ahead but finally move forward. And move FAST. Push the pedal to the metal and explore, what the Metaverse offers us. Fast Society will focus primarily on gaming. So we will create an addictive Play AND Earn Game created in cooperation with an experienced developer & publisher Mousetrap Games. The game will be aimed at all players - not only owners of our NFTs but also all people not related to the crypto/NFT space. NFT owners will be able to profit from playing thanks to other players. Mousetrap Games is a company with +50 titles on its account. The team cooperates with various entities from the WEB 3.0 industry, for example, CryptoDino: an OG project on the Cardano blockchain with +1,5 years in space.
So it's time to buckle up and get to know Fast Society thoroughly…
Mint date & NFT prize
Part 1/2 - 4444 - only ADA 29.11 - Premint - 175 USD 30.11 - Mint - 200 USD
Part 2/2 - 4444 - only SOL Date: TBA Price: 175 USD Premint/200 USD Mint
Assumptions and values
On a daily basis, we are a joint-stock company - Oxygen SA - listed on the stock exchange in Poland. More about the company on the "About the company" page.
Our goals are: create a unique collection of beautiful, classic Muscle cars; build a unique cross-chain community of Cardano and Solana enthusiasts, game lovers & car lovers, and everyone who will want to enter our world; create a professional, addictive and unique game based on our tokens but accessible to everyone, which will give not only the opportunity to earn and revenue share for NFT Holders but also a real pleasure to play.
From the very beginning, our project focuses on full transparency and high quality. Everything you see is created by our team with the greatest care. Each car is drawn by hand from the very beginning to the very end. We also do not use any copyrights in them.
The most important values, that guided us, are:
I. Professionalism & perfectionism - everything we create, we do the best we can. By not taking shortcuts and choosing the easier path.
II. A passion for art - our cars are beautiful, each of them is completely unique, and all parts are drawn by hand.
III. A passion for games - the team working on our game are experienced creators with long experience in the industry. Thanks to this, we know that we will manage to create a marvelous and one-of-a-kind game that will attract not only NFT fans, but all players.
IV. Being fair & honest & caring - we create a fair game system and take care of tokenomy and inflation. We're also paying attention to ecology and stability - that's why we chose the Proof of Stake chains - Cardano and Solana (stable, ecological with a committed community).
V. Commitment & being close to the community - creating a fantastic community, full of cool people, supporting each other, full of understanding and passion, and establishing relationships.
VI. Transparency - if you want to know something about us, we are at your disposal. We have nothing to hide, both about Fast Society and our activities.
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